August 23, 2011


Yeah, RL has kept me REALLY busy. But I missed the good ol' days, and it's been MONTHS since I wrote my last entry!
Being totally out of date, I started scrolling up and down Fab Free notices, and no surprise, I found great stuff. 1L or 0L, no more, no less.

First finding: A great shape. It's called Pilar,it is FREE!, and as her creator, Karen Blackthorne says "Pilar is a lovely medium shape, great for just kickin around SL. She has a pretty heart shaped head/ face eyes great for dramatic makeup, and cute pouty lips. She is 2.00m / 6 feet 6 inches with shoes."

Go get it! Taxi Here

Another great gift: Rockberry Skin, called Uma. I'm wearing the Natural tone. Skin is mod, so you can tint the lips as you desire. It's just lovely. 

Got get it at Fab Free Station!

Well, see you soon ladies! It's nice to be back. Thanks for all the ims and notes you left me.
Remember you can find me here as well :)

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