December 4, 2011

#104 - 10 new skins in the grid

Many skins have been released in the last week, so I wanted to do a special post showing you a lot of new options you can buy if you're thinking of refreshing your avi's face. I LOVE trying on skins, making new styles or shapes for them! So I had a lot of fun doing this review =) You will find the landmarks to all the stores mentioned at the end of the post, as well as the credits for items I'm wearing.

1) Maai - Ines and Paula skins: Two delicate, simple and youthful skins. They have bald and hair base options, and they have breast included.

2) Skintimate: The Andrea caramel group gift has this nice blue lipstick and make up that make it special. The Nicole special edition has more make up, cleavage option and lovely teeth. I don't like the brows in this one so much (I'd prefer them thicker as in Andrea).

3) Filthy: The new Maria skin comes in 4 tones and 8 make ups and you can choose cleavage/no cleavage option. I like the new tones Alexandra has chosen for this new skin,I'm wearing the cream one that is the type of color I usually wear in all skins.

4) Al Vulo: Definitely, May is my favorite one of all new releases. What I love about Al Vulo skins are the soft, super sexy features that characterize all of them -you know when someone is wearing Al Vulo. May comes in 6 make ups -even two for the season (newyear and snowqueen)- cleavage and hairbase options.

5)[Acide!] Katsucide - Laura Fraise . This skin was available for the {Grunge Soul Project} Round 11- I love the lips color!

6) MONS : We have two new skins offered by this great skin store: The Gia series - I absolutely LOVE the options and tones! It comes with light/dark brows, breast tattoo layers and delicate make ups.
The newest release is Eslem, which comes in a range of colorful make ups (purple, pink, yellow, ocean...) and the classical pouty lips that I adore in Mons skins.

7) Krasota: Winter Skin is available - guess where? Yay, in the Winter Fair! xD and it's suuuuuuuuper cute! The lips are so ravishing!It comes in 4 tones and 6 make ups (having cleavage/no cleavage options). Really juvenile style, it makes your avi flawless.

8) Art Body Store- Mia skin has 5 make up versions, comes in two tones - light and tan - and cleavage option. The lipstick range of colors is really classy! I like the brows color a lot, its a kind of brown I don't get so easy.

9) Jesylilo: A new group gift for Winter Fair - I LOVE the make up and beauty marks, and Lilo has done something very sexy to the lips!  This is part of the new release Doll - exclusive for group members for 120L single skin - 550L fatpack! Bear in mind it's only available in December!

10) Censored: The winter collection is here! 6 single skins to make your winter look realistic! I picked the 2 I liked the most: Isabella and Akina. Isabella has this flushed tone in the cheeks, as if you were outside in the cold weather and I find it so tender!


  1. Maai 
  2. Skintimate
  3. Filthy
  4. Al Vulo
  5. Acide
  6. MONS
  7. Krasota( @ Winter Fair) 
  8. Art Body Store
  9. Jesylilo
  10. Censored
(The mole and the freckles are NOT part of the skins)
POSES: Everglow
HAIR: Elikatira
TATTOO: Sweet Sin
NAILS: Tres Blah


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