December 15, 2011

#112 - Four Corners (Preview)

Ok, time to tease you a bit  =O ! Four Corners is a new event in which 4 RL fashion trends will be showcased: Delicate Damsel, Alluring Modesty, Spikes and Bikes; and DelightfullyBright will have each their corner offering a great variety of items you will love! I based my looks on my two favourite ones:  Delicate Damsel and Alluring Modesty.

Remember this event starts the 17th (so I won't be landmarking you now), and it will continue up to the 31st! You'll have plenty of time to get wonderful things!

TOP: jane.- chocolate - FREE FATPACK
SKIRT :tulip. Roswell's Spell (Berry) - Delicate Damsel corner@ Four Corners (soon!)
BOOTS: eleanor rigby. combats in floral - Delicate Damsel corner@ Four Corners (soon!)
GLOSS: Pink Acid -Clear Lip Gloss (@ marketplace)
BAG:HouseofFox :: RomanBag[Rusted Teal]Silver
HAIR BOW: ::..Casa de Yasmin.::bow texture change (@ marketplace)
HAIR: Action-  Womens Hair Natalie - Light Ombre (bow not included)-Alluring Modesty corner@ Four Corners (soon!)
EYELASHES: Pink Acid - Exotic  Alpha Eyelashes (@ marketplace)
NECKLACE:{mon tissu} Take Flight Necklace ~ Silver(@ marketplace)
POSES: Marukin- Alluring Modesty corner@ Four Corners(soon!)

DRESS: Willow~ Bookworm Dress - Earthy -Alluring Modesty corner@ Four Corners(soon!)
BOOTS: *GF*[Mesh] Lace-up Boots "Gina" Alluring Modesty corner@ Four Corners(soon!)
LEGGINS: jOLIE! Trinette Brown Tights- (pack @marketplace)
HAIR: /Wasabi Pills/ Aria Mesh Hair - Golden
POSES: Marukin- Alluring Modesty corner@ Four Corners(soon!)

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