February 2, 2011


Well time to clean ZILLION of shoes and boots I have been collecting since I landed on second life- some of them, the first noobie pairs were already gone long time ago - but still had packs I never wore, I bought and just moved to my "shoes" folder, or even worse - never unpacked them! Sooo, it took 4 hours to clean it all but it was worth the try! I made some discoveries and slapped myself as I saw  blingy,  hideous shoes rezzing... what in the world was I thinking when I bought them! Dont even think Noelle, you are a compulsive consumer - specially when it says "SALE" 

I wanted to share some good stuff I had and didn't remember - or randomly wore:


Lovely blue ones from DUH!

Snow boots from DUH!

My brand-new ones from Mayden Couture in Aqua:

Out the dust... let's wear these neko style ones by Loni Arado

Out the dust 2... from Vignette, cuteeee!

Out the dust 3... from In Her Shoes, and I promise to wear them pretty often! =)

Awesome pair by Drakke :

Heels, Flats, Pumps and more!

Recently bought - multicolor heels by Mayden Couture *Nicole*

Stiletto Moody, Marlene pair - I just closed my eyes and hit pay 

BG Selena Heels <3

Mayden Couture - Chantal Heels

TARA- High Heels with socks, just lovely!

Glow, Benelli Pumps <3, just adorable

Wetherby's shoes nº18 

Hot pink pumps from FreyrBlades

I love trainers... and I found a full pack from Irresistible Designs in my inventory I didn't remember I had !

Again TARA... but now these lovely wrapped heels in pink

Lovely, LOVELY heels with buckles from Thalia

White Pearls Heels from Wetherby's (nº251)


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