January 8, 2012

#122 - Glance : Daphne Tan Review

Clean skin - Daphne Tan make up 1

The talented Ava Grau from Glance skins will be releasing (I hope in a few hours!) this new tone of, in my opinion, one of the best skins nowadays: Daphne in Tan. Although Daphne seems to suit better in redhead avis, this new tone plus the possibility to add blonde or brown eyebrows will give us all a pretty look <3.
Daphne comes in 12 make ups (well detailed and combined!), small/big cleavage tattoo layers, freckles tattoo layer and as mentioned before, blonde/brown tattoo layers.

make ups 2 to 12 - click to see larger view


✚ LINGERIE: [SAKIDE] Everyday Lingerie - Black (new release)
✚ HAIR:  LELUTKA - Wilde Hair- Marilyn
✚ SHOES: Hucci
✚ POSES: Purple Poses, DDL, E.INK, DI'S OPERA

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