January 30, 2012

#142 [cleaning out the closet...]

I've been in the hard task of ordering my inventory for a while (2 months already?). It takes a lot of patience and willigness and sometimes I get tired of it! But it's raining here, I'm bored and I got down to work in  my shoes folder.
Shoes....damned shoes. I have tons of them.Sub folders full of "heels" and "boots" and "wedges" etc etc that I barely remember the contents. 
Today it was pumps and stilettos folder turn, so voila! These are all the ones I kept. The rest just went to the trash bin -I felt so relieved. Anytime I wonder which shoes to wear, I go back to these posts,so I find them very useful and I hope they are for you to get ideas, get store names or share what you have in your shoes mess xD
Hugs! And have a nice monday y'all!

1st row: +9 , Slink, Line, Needful Things
2nd row: N-core, Just B, La2, Maai, YS&YS
3rd row: House of Fox, Benelli, Baby Monkey, Maitreya, C est moi,Shiny Things
1st row: Fabrizzi shoes
2nd row: Fanatik
3rd row: Hucci
4th row: Maitreya

Bellballs, G Field, Pixel Mode


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