January 18, 2012


Hey! I'm really glad we won the battle today, so far SOPA is just a threat and not a reality.I didn't see many blogs participating, guess they don't care if all their work is censored in the future or account closed down :p.
By the way, I changed my blog a little.. I want to keep it simple. Guess that's the way I'm facing this new year too.
I continue having issues with SL, my graphic card is "old" according to new viewers (GForce 8500 gtx) and I cannot log in, or if I can, it's in low settings only. That also made me decide to post things this way (simple) from now on. I don't know if all of you readers will like it, I've always tried to focus on items.
Enough talking, I have new items, new stores I'm getting to know -and blog- so let's move on to the credits.

JEANS: *Tea Time*Jeans basic azure
SHOES: Leverocci - Passaggio Tan
SHIRT: KIM-Lala Mesh Shirt -Tiger White
SKIN: al vulo * sakia + matt lipstik pink for fair + add ons
BELT:  *Tea Time* Belt Bullet White
BAG:  PIDIDDLE - Anya Tote - Reptile - (item for TDR)
RINGS: PIDIDDLE - Gawdy Ring - Lost at Sea Sp. Etd.( VIP GIFT /200L fee) and PIDIDDLE - Gawdy Ring - Ruby @seasons gatcha
HAIR:[ 69 ] SONIA 01 (A) - Dark Sandy Blonde (closing? sale)
SUNGLASSES: [BarCode] Round acetate sunglasses
TEETH: [Medley] Buck Teef
POSES: Fly Lily! poses and pose included in the bag


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