October 5, 2011


Today I'm wearing this brand new skin from Filthy, called Paola. It is available in 6 tones - Beach Tan, Cocoa, Expresso, Fair, Ivory and Tan, and each one comes in 7 different make ups and cleavage tattoo layers/undershirt. I'm wearing the Tan version, as I'm lately doing with all my skins. A cute detail about this skin is that you have the freckles-non freckles variety -I'm not a huge fan of freckles but these are carefully displayed on the face . Worth a mention, a shape is included in full purchase! (not the one in the pic!)

What I'm wearing:

-BC- Tee Tree "Green"  new!
-BC- High Waist Pants "Grey" new!
.::CENSORED::. Boot Gabriela @The Tropicalia Bazaar
*Airflow* (PastGroup gift) " Soft leather jacket for lady
>TRUTH< Lanie - seaspray
DooDads - Sheep Earring - 1L @Marketplace
Filthy -Paola . Tan . 02
awram-viie bag kago black

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