October 2, 2011


Miss & Miss Project is a fashion event where designers offer their products at a value of up to 80L.The products are unique and high quality. They are available for 2 weeks only. There’s also  group gifts available ;)!

{*I <3FashiOn*} - BodyShape - "Morwen"- 60L

Art Body Store: Michelle Skin, 75 L - optional freckles - m&m make up exclusive

GSM :Style Model                                       Shilika Set - 80L

URCO: Sparkle Guns Top 80L+
 GD  Snitch Necklace (gold &silver)   60L      

                 M&M GROUP GIFT: Set Sabrina +                     Minutes to Midnight :Sarouel Pants 50L
                        Sweet Sin Tattoo 50L                    

Minutes to Midnight Blouse  Group Gift                                 Art Body Store Trunk Prop with 6 Poses- 75L

CENSORED: Matilda Cargo Shorts w/pockets. - 80L


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