November 29, 2011

# 100(alt) ego

I have kept in my inventory, for a long time,a brunette version of me. A petite, girly, naive, sweet version of me. I was bored and decided to take her out for a walk, specially to test new Al Vulo's porcelain tone of Giulia skin. And uh uh problema: she, from my point of view, looks flawless in any skin.  So, maybe, sometime in the future, the brunette me takes over the control, lol.

She used to be my first version

{K}Rea Winter Cardigan for Perfect Wardrobe
[Nana] No lies tattoo
.::Y&R::. Big bow hairband Dollarbie 1L (don't know if it's still available)
[kik]hair-Libby*long(black) - sale
al vulo- giulia* natural teeth porcellain -new!
poses: everglow


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