November 10, 2011


             I'm not  a good cook. Neither rl nor sl. Here's the evidence

Anyway, don't I look adorable? Who can pay attention to my burnt cookies!

I fell in love with this pin up baker dress as soon as I saw it. It's from Orquidea and you can get it at the Vintage Fair (all the info is posted HERE) which opens on Friday, 11th Nov.

Dress:ORQUIDEA Cute Cookie Pinup Baker [ Includes: Cookie tray,top and unders,sad eyebrows,skirt,stockings, garter, flour face tattoo]@The Vintage Fair - Tomorrow!
Nails:MONS / Retro nails aqua&black @The Vintage Fair - Tomorrow!
Hair:"LoQ Hair" RedWine (Head Part) - Strawberry @The Vintage Fair - Tomorrow!
Necklace: .phresh. Simplicity necklace @The Vintage Fair - Tomorrow!
Shoes:**FZ** Shoes Red Whit Black Bow @marketplace

Rest of the items not credited, simply because I want to keep some individuality about my avatar =)

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