November 11, 2011


11.11.11 , yeap, a day to be remembered. Here in Argentina there's a crazy vibe about this date, everyone talking about energy and meditating. To me, it's a grand day because Vintage Fair finally opened its doors, and now you can go on a shopping spree! All the info about the fair is HERE. I will include in these credits the landmark. Have a great day! <3

Shorts: C'est Moi! distressed high waist shorts @The Vintage Fair
Shoes:LOORDES OF LONDON-Asrid Booties @The Vintage Fair
Jacket:C'est moi! my short jacket @The Vintage Fair
Nails:[croire] noir edge nail lacquer (pearl) @The Vintage Fair
Tshirt::C'est Moi! white top @The Vintage Fair
Bag:HouseofFox :: SteffaniLUXTote[Beige] @The Vintage Fair
Earrings:[ glow ] Earrings - Gold - Vintage Owl @The Vintage Fair
Necklace:[glow] Necklace - gold -  Vintage Owl longer (@The Vintage Fair
Hair: Magika Hair // Roots Edition // Luna

Rest of the items not credited, simply because I want to keep some individuality about my avatar =)

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